I’m a leadership coach and mentor dedicated to helping you grow through personal development, spiritual transformation, and life readiness.


I'm a retired firefighter, and for more than two decades I’ve been a husband, father of 4, and leader in the marketplace.

I'm a follower of Jesus who serves the kingdom of God but I don't go to church or conform to cultural Christianity.  


We're living in unprecedented times, and from a biblical perspective, I would say we're living in the last of the last days.


I believe God's inviting a remnant of true disciples to really seek Him and partner with Him to see the coming glory on the earth.


This is a scary and overwhelming time for some, but there's a path that leads to life for those who choose it. 


My passion is helping you to pursue a Christ-centered life filled with purpose, power, and provision by challenging the mainstream status quo and getting connected with others just like you.

No religion. No culture traps. The simplicity of the gospel integrated into real life.

I'm good at making complex matters simple.

I'm good at thinking outside the box (or showing how there is no box) for those who are ready for it. 

I'd like to help you if you're a leader, dreamer, freelancer, small business owner, or entrepreneur.


I'd like to help you take your life to the next level in your faith, family, fitness, and finances. 

One of the things I enjoy is hosting my podcast, where I share the things I've learned, and continue to learn, about challenging cultural mainstream paradigms to create a life filled with purpose, power, and provision.


I lead wilderness retreats in NW Montana, Dunamis Mastermind for kingdom-driven entrepreneurs, and I'm the founder of the Base Camp discipleship network. 


Normal is boring, and I believe we've all been given the opportunity to create a life by design. A life that truly places Jesus at the forefront. A life of surrender that can be used to demonstrate the power of God wherever we go. 





15 years ago I owned a successful company, I was the youngest Lieutenant firefighter in our department leading a crew at the busiest station in our district. 

A beautiful wife, four amazing kids, a leader in my local church...I should have been really happy, but I wasn't. 

I felt like I was lacking purpose and often felt empty inside.


I felt like I was created for something greater but didn't know how to get there. 

Religion wasn't satisfying my desire to understand the power of the kingdom of God. 

That led me on a quest.


I sold my company, retired from the fire department (at 30), and moved my family across the country on a new venture. 

I met some spiritual mentors and began experiencing supernatural signs and wonders.

My eyes started being opened to so many things and the possibilities seemed endless. 

But then the wheels came off the bus...every one of them. 

A series of investment decisions I made led me to be homeless and bankrupt at the beginning of 2008. 

Our house, the Hummer, the Land Rover...all gone. 

I had to start life over while supporting my wife and our four young kids, 2700 miles away from friends and family. 


I didn't know it at the time but the next 12 years was going to become a training ground.


I learned priceless life-changing lessons.

I discovered mysteries about the kingdom of God (apart from any religion). 

I figured out why I wasn't satisfied with my normal "successful" life and how I had been believing lies that were keeping me from joy, peace, purpose, and power...beyond money and influence.


I went into an identity crisis and came out of it with power, confidence, and faith.

Today, I live with my wife of 23 years, and our younger kids in Whitefish, Montana, a beautiful resort town in the Rocky Mountains. 


I'm still learning and pursuing my dream, and I love helping others along the way. 


Resourcefulness, strategy and problem-solving are some of my best strengths, combined with a life of purpose and power by growing in a genuine relationship with Jesus without jumping through mainstream hoops of church or religion. 


I love helping people understand their purpose and activate the power of God in their life while building successful businesses and leading their families with confidence and passion. 


I work with small business owners, entrepreneurs (and anyone who isn't satisfied with a mediocre lifestyle) through one-on-one mentoring and consulting, as well as adventure retreats in Montana. 

If you think I may be able to help you, I'd love to talk. 


Trevor Dunbar


© 2020

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