Being a coach and mentor means being invested in your overall development as a leader, focusing on personal and spiritual transformation. I help you find inner peace, fulfillment, and reach your fullest potential. I may help you learn new skills or knowledge, provide guidance and wisdom for decision-making, or hold you accountable in the ways you engage with yourself and the world around you.


Mentoring can take on many forms​ depending on the individual need and the objective.
Discipler, spiritual guide, coach, counselor, teacher...different occasions call for different strategies and tactics.
If you're looking for someone who hangs their hat on a bunch of professional titles and international certifications, I'm not your guy.
If you're looking for someone who can get results, helping you find meaning and purpose in your life by introducing you to deeper things, the things money can't buy...
Then I might be your guy. 
I've spent more than two decades as a husband, father, firefighter, businessman, and passionate follower of Jesus Christ. 
I've had to overcome more challenges than I would like to admit but in the midst of the intense journey I've experienced the supernatural power of God on many occasions and I've developed an unshakable faith that drives my life. 
I spent 18 years connected to the Christian church but was never able to find true freedom within that religious structure and cultural paradigm. 
I've since stepped away from organized religion but still maintain the belief that I was created in the image of God and purposed to live with dominion and authority on this earth - influencing, building, expanding. 
Through a long road of ups and downs I've learned how to embrace the spiritual authority God has given me and to activate other men into a life of purpose and power...but only those who were really searching for it. 
For the past several years I've been mentoring others by showing them how to access the power and simplicity of the gospel that Jesus preached. 
No religion. No control. Just discovering freedom in the truth. 
There's power in the knowledge of Jesus Christ but it's not found through religious rituals and man-made Christian doctrine. 
It's found through a deep realization of your true identity as a son of God, exposing lies you've believed your entire life, living by faith, hearing God's voice and embracing the power Jesus promised His disciples. 
I've had the privilege of being mentored by some powerful men of God over the years, but I've never found anyone I could cling to who understood the mysteries of the kingdom of God AND had a passion for business in the marketplace, where most of us live each day.  
That's who I enjoy working with...guys who've found everything money can buy but are still looking for more spiritual depth and fulfillment.
Guys who want to be guided by someone who's been in the trenches and can speak with authority on matters from personal experience.
Someone who understands entrepreneurship, leadership and business. 
If you've reached a point in your life where you've achieved financial success but still feel empty, depressed, unfulfilled, angry or lost...
I can help you find what you're looking for. 
And, you might be surprised that you don't have to give up your success to find it.
I only take on a limited number of one-on-one clients. 
If you're interested in exploring that option with me then fill out this quick form and we'll schedule a time to talk. 


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