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Hey there!

My name is Trevor Dunbar 

I Help Marriage & Family Minded Men Discover Purpose & Power By Unlocking Their Divine Masculinity. 

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Chad Jeffers

Within seconds of meeting Trevor… his bold, honest, straightforward personality stands tall and you know that he means business. With his charismatic yet approachable presence, he is quick to give an encouraging word and a helping hand to anyone who asks. His love of God and how he treats others is a true testament that he is leading by example. He’s definitely a person that everyone needs in their life.

jeremy baxter.webp

Jeremy Baxter

I highly endorse Trevor as a leader and a mentor. I had the pleasure of being mentored by him over the course of a year and I can say I became a better man because of it.

adam .webp

Adam Schindler

It was more than an adventure weekend in the mountains or business networking session. More than a time for spiritual reconnection or strategy and ideation. It was all of these things, but wrapped in a genuine encounter with a God who makes all things new. Business, faith, family, technology, all things in my life that can use a fresh infusion of creativity and energy were touched and stirred up to become stronger and more fruitful. I highly recommend Trevor Dunbar as a coach and leader and trust him as a spiritual brother and kingdom man.


John Manuel

Trevor is a bold, dynamic, person of faith. You need someone like Trevor to activate the truth within you.


Jadyn Sexton

Trevor's message challenged me and his materials really helped me work through some stuff that was uncomfortable, but things that needed to be dealt with.


Kyle Furtado

Trevor's leadership surpasses what most of us expect from leadership. His intimacy with God is where his strength comes from and that strength causes his impact to exceed what many of the best leaders are capable of bringing out in others. Trevor's a true eagle with a heart for greatness.

tom hoffrage.webp

Tom Hoffrage

Trevor is the real deal. Honest, passionate, genuine, humble, intentional. He allows God to work in and through him which results in a message of real clarity and focus. His ability to see things in other people, things they can’t see yet, is a true gift. His love of God and pursuit of the Kingdom is unmatched. He is someone I definitely want in my corner.


Jeremy Myers

The most incredible thing you'll experience with Trevor is the prayer time. There will be things you physically feel break off of you in your spirit. You'll feel an activation inside your soul that just feels right. I'd go to battle with that guy any time. 


Megan Gray Stromberg

Trevor exemplifies what it means to be an effective leader. I would highly recommend Trevor, I firmly believe in his abilities and I trust him.


Clarence Enriquez

In business, the most important thing is belief. Trevor has the ability to help you develop the belief in yourself. Selfless and strong leader you can lean on. The conviction in his voice will translate on to you so you can accomplish the goals you set out for yourself. It’s been a pleasure to be in business with Trevor.


Jessica Alexander

Trevor has impacted my thought process in business, and as an individual due to his constant encouragement. His guidance and mentorship to all of those he comes in contact with is always done with a serving nature. Trevor will go to battle for all of those he is able to invest time in, and for that I’m grateful to have crossed paths. 


Dave Gronski

Having worked with Trevor over the years I find him of high moral integrity and a can do approach. He gets the job done in an efficient and very effective manner. His enthusiasm is contagious. Trevor has an effervescent effect on whatever you are involved with him on.


Phil Cox

Trevor has a passion for impacting the world. He elevates the game of those around him, helping them to go to the next level.

bailey hancock.webp

Bailey Hancock

Trevor is a great leader and motivator. I learned a lot from him; he influenced my life personally and professionally and was a great role model.


Bridgett Dunbar

I feel like dead skin was being peeled off my heart. Trevor's words carry so much power for freedom in the hearts of those that don't even realize they're being bound.


Genevieve Okoro

Trevor is one of the most selfless, hardworking individuals I know. His integrity truly allows him to put his clients first, and his work ethic causes him to outshine those around him. It’s a pleasure to be in business with an individual of his caliber.


Scott McHugh

Trevor Dunbar is a man who walks in success. He is a serial business founder. Yet, with all this activity, Trevor has found that there is much, much more to life. It is found in a close and personal relationship with the living Lord Jesus Christ who lives in him and through him. This is what I have respected in him since I have known him for almost 20 years. This is what makes me respect him the most.

elijah carino.webp

Elija Carino

Trevor has an anointing for leading, teaching and encouraging!

brent clampet.webp

Brent Clampet

After hearing Trevor's message I feel like I have been showing up more powerfully. I even feel like I was walking taller.

beth mosley.webp

Beth Mosely

Trevor is authentic, relatable and offers transformational discipleship programs. He shares truth and wisdom, offers community and accountability boldly in a brotherly way. His Kingdom-first focus is genuine and he is a blessing to get to know!

dani idol.webp

Dani Idol

Trevor's message is so authentic & is a true representation of what living a life through Christ with an emphasis on spiritual depth, looks like: It’s uncomfortable, non-conforming & even what we consider to be “risky”... but he encourages & reassures that the path to Christ is one of the most resistance at times, & the message delivers great advice on how to go about taking on this way of life with confidence. Love it.

terry sacka.webp

Terry Sacka

Trevor is so passionate about the Spirit of God and how it can operate in our lives. He listens to the Lord and he cares. He has incredible intelligence. He knows, he gets it, he understands. Trevor's a laser focused guy that helps you become aware, and the training is invaluable.


Meghan Weyerbacher

Trevor’s confidence in God is contagious. We still have our struggles and will always be learning, but the truths and simple applications he has shared have impacted our entire household.

We are more empowered today because of it. This guy is the real deal.

carma .webp

Carma Adams

Trevor Dunbar is a humble man seeking the Lord within his own day-to-day life and shares how he has been on this journey for the past two decades.


He comes with humility and an open heart. This inspires - the things he has learned are valuable for teaching others. 

shane hoover.jpeg

Shane Hoover

Trevor's drive, work ethic, and ability to lead is inspirational. I can truly say Trevor is one of the most amazing people I have encountered in my life.


Talia Wasno

Trevor is a standout leader in his industry. His dedication is unmatched, as I've seen him work tirelessly for his team, clients, and overall business. Trevor approaches his business with humbleness and transparency, which shows in the success he has been able to achieve. It was a pleasure to work along with Trevor and his team!


Kim Possible

Trevor has such a way of imparting truth with the heart of a father, brother, and son. He shines such bright light on some of the difficult topics we all face. He is absolutely breaking strongholds and setting captives free! God’s gifted Trevor with such wisdom.

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