Some People Go To Church On Sunday. For Everyone Else, There's Base Camp.

Base Camp is a Discipleship Network that unites & equips people to experience the kingdom of God outside of traditional church or institutional religion.

We're moving into a new era where the mysteries of God are being revealed to mankind and the true followers of Christ are being united. Jesus said His desire was that we were one as He, the Father and Holy Spirit are one. 

Base Camp is here to draw together the remnant of those who worship in Spirit and in Truth, and are united with one another to advance the Kingdom of Heaven.

The modern church system is dying. Millions of people are secretly searching for a truth that’s hidden in a noisy culture trap of religion and lies that are keeping us from our God-given assignments.

The Bible isn’t a book about church and talking about God. It’s a book about a loving and powerful King in an unseen Kingdom, and the outliers who walked with him throughout history.

The love of the Father and the truth of His Kingdom can't be found in religion and routines, only in an intimate relationship with our Creator. We were never created to live the ordinary Christian lifestyle mainstream religion has become.

I hope you'll find the relationships and resources you need to grow in your faith and live boldly and triumphantly as a child of God. 


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