Trevor is a father of four, retired lieutenant firefighter, Realtor, and has been a leader in multiple businesses over the last two decades. He's delivered nearly 300 keynotes in 45 cities across the US and has been investing in real estate for 25 years.


In addition to his growth as a husband and father, he's spent his time learning the lessons of leadership, management, sales, real estate investment, and entrepreneurship. Trevor is a passionate business leader dedicated to enhancing the life of those he serves. 

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Sara unlocks the potential in people by helping them elevate their leadership skills, communicate effectively, and become 100% healthy so that they can have a successful business and a happy life.


Sara is a Certified GiANT Leadership and Functional Medicine Health and Wellness Coach, and has a certificate in The Science of Well-being from Yale University. She also has her Master's Certification in Women's Wellness Coaching. 


Most importantly, she's a wife, and a mom to four grown kids, has an affinity for pretty papers, and has traveled all across the world. Her deepest passion is raising the standard of healthy leadership around the globe and bringing the best out of people, by fighting for their highest possible good with intentional calibration of support and challenge. She calls these people the "100X Leader" or “Liberators.”